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What our happy customers have been saying about our children's book subscriptions, kids' book gift sets and individual chapter book and activity packs!

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Fantastic read

My daughter was so excited when her first book dropped through the letterbox.
She began looking through the book and reading it immediately.

I have a huge passion for books, and want to pass that to my daughter.
We read the book together each night, and the story itself has opened a world of imagination for her.
On a recent walk, she was so excited to find a pond and imagined it to be that of the one in the story and imagined what the characters would be doing.

We can’t wait for our second book to arrive!

Lovely gift

Our grand daughter was delighted to receive her badge!

Brilliant Christmas Gift

Our nine year old granddaughter who is an avid reader is thrilled to have joined a book club! The opportunity to write a review each month will certainly add to her enjoyment.

Share the love of reading.

Such a lovely way to introduce our grandchildren to authors they might not come across and to be able to help develop their love of reading and writing their own stories. They are always keen to share the latest book to arrive during our FaceTime sessions and so, we too, are introduced to new books! It’s a win win situation in our family.


It is genuinely amazing to have found something both me and my boy adore! We received our first book this month and we have loved spending time before bed reading a chapter or 2, and going through the activity pack now we have finished the book. I cannot help but recommend both Parrot Street and our first book to everyone. Cannot wait for our next book in January!

General offering

We loved your books. The subscription is a wonderful idea, the activities always thoughtful, many of them fun. Sadly, my girls have now outgrown the selection. I will miss you!

Good package

I bought this activity pack for my 5 year old grandson. It looks very good, but as he isn’t getting it until Christmas I don’t know what he thinks of it. I’m sure he will like it though.

Nice but not the best

I realy like the book but it is a bit hard to understand
what is happpening

Such good books and engaging content

So grateful to Parrot Street for opening my kids' eyes to new authors, genres and publishers. They've read such a good variety and it has definitely helped them with their English at school too. We've often gone on to buy other books by the same authors.

Recently I've been really grateful for the older age group, Macaw, which has helped us navigate the new world of YA fiction.

Cant recommend Parrot Street highly enough!

Authentic literature for aspiring writers

My granddaughter eagerly looks forward to receiving her book. She has found it rewarding giving her time to chill from the modern hi tech world

Dragon Storm: Tomas and Ironskin Past Pack

Makes a lovely gift

My 6yo son really enjoyed the Dragon Storm pack. He’s not yet started reading the novel, but he loved the bookmark and the accompanying activity sheets. He is a keen baker so was especially excited to follow the dragon cupcake recipe. I would thoroughly recommend this pack, for bookworms and reluctant readers alike.

Lovely gift

The young recipient of your subscription was delighted with the three books and activity packs she received. Excellent range of tasks and interesting texts, not just well-known ones. Would definitely purchase again, and will recommend.

The popcorn recpie

The popcorn recpie was very useful

Very glad to hear this ❤️

Me and the Robbersons

My daughter absolutely loved this book! It was very different to the type of books that she normally reads. I thoroughly recommend Parrot Street for broadening childrens' reading tastes. The ideas in the packs are fantastic too.

Perfect present

Bought as a thank you gift, the recipient was delighted. It's a well pitched (excuse the pub!) book for this age and suited the sports mad reader who enjoyed learning more about the origins of the beautiful game and the female perspective.
It's a perfectly packaged mix with enjoyable activities to compliment the book.


I’m delighted to have found your small business we loved the book and my son found the activities interesting. Now his little sister wants some Parrot Street books too. :)

The product it a great idea but I was a little disappointed. Book looks great but was hoping that the accompanying pack would be a little like a panini book and magazine monthly I used to get as a child from which I read my way through lots of children’s classics I would never have come across or understood. It contained information that helped with comprehension - author fact file, historical context etc plus fun activities based on the book. For almost £6 more than the list price, the magazine was disappointing - I don’t think it adds much reading incentive.

I love this book club

I really love this book club l think l will give you ten points

Animals of madame malones music hall

Too advanced for her, she likes to read it in one go and this is too long with chapters, she let me read one page and then did not want any more. She tried to read it and became frustrated.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review on our website. We are sorry to hear that your daughter did not enjoy this month’s book. We send our Parakeets illustrated chapter books and recommend them for children aged 5 to 8 years old who are ready for that transition from picture to chapter books. All the stories are age appropriate and we strongly encourage families to read the books together if the child is not yet reading independently (and even when they are!). However, we recognise the timing of that transition is different for every child and we completely understand if the subscription is just not right for your daughter at this stage.

Great little packs

Difficult to write a full review on these yet as the they were for a present and have not yet been tried and tested by my grandson. From an adult perspective, though, I think they’re great! Lovely books, and add on activities too, which kids love. Wonderful idea

The Vanishing Trick

I liked this book because it was about magic and mystery.

Interesting pack

I’ve bought this for my daughter to try a new book and maybe enjoy the activities in the holidays. It’s a well put together pack with interesting activities relating to the book.

Great gift and fun treat each month

I bought this for my son as a way of spreading out his Xmas gifts a bit. After the excitement of Christmas had passed it was great to know there would still be a treat coming in the post.

It was lovely to receive the first book and activities, we are really enjoying the story and already excited about next month.

Excited grand children

Both my grandsons were excited about the first packs they received this month.
I even had a delicious jam tart that they had made from the recipe.