A quick-start guide to managing your subscription

Icons from the top right-hand corner of our website with the person icon highlighted in red

When you have an active Parrot Street Book Club subscription you have access to our online subscription portal via the icon in the top right of the screen (on desktop) or the 'My account' link in the footer (on mobile).


Once you've created an account and logged in you are able to see all your subscriptions and when upcoming deliveries and payments are due.


When it comes to managing or adjusting your subscriptions, there are a number of things that you are able to do yourself without having to contact us:

  • Cancel an auto-renewal to suspend a subscription
  • Skip your next billing cycle to take a break for a few months
  • Change a delivery address
  • Update your payment details

In this guide we'll show you how to do each of these things step-by-step. However if you have any problems or there is another adjustment you'd like to make, please send us an email to hello@parrotstreet.com and we'll be delighted to help you. 


Activating your account

When you purchased your subscription, you will have been sent a confirmation email which contains a link to manage your subscription:

Example email showing button directing you to Manage Your Subscription
You will be taken to our subscriptions portal. If you already have an account you can log in. Otherwise, you will need to 'Create account':
Subscription portal log in page with arrow indicating here to click 'Create account'
Enter the required details and hit 'create'. Please note, you must use the same email address as you used to purchase the subscription.
Create account page
As a final step, you will be sent another email asking you to activate the account. Hit the button and your account will be set up and ready to go!
Email requesting account activation

Navigating the subscription portal

You can log in to your account at any time by hitting the small person icon in the top right-hand corner of every page of our website or the 'My Account' link in the footer.

Upon logging in you will first see an account overview. In order to see your subscriptions specifically, you must hit the orange 'subscriptions' button:

Account overview page
This leads you to see an overview of your subscriptions. If you have more than one subscription this is a great place to quickly see which ones are active and key upcoming dates:
Subscriptions overview page
From here you can click into each subscription in turn to review all the details and manage them.

Cancel an auto-renewal to suspend a subscription

Click into the subscription that you'd like to manage and simply hit the 'cancel renewal' button on the right-hand side to prevent the next renewal payment being taken:

How to prevent next renewal payment being taken
Once you have confirmed the cancellation your subscription details will update to show you what, if anything, will happen next:
Shows screen once renewal cancelled
Any remaining deliveries in your current subscription will be shipped as normal. In the example above you can see that the cancellation will come into effect on 1st July 2022 - the date on which the renewal payment was due to be taken. 


IMPORTANT: If your subscription contains multiple products (e.g. a Parakeet and a Cockatoo subscription) following this process will stop the renewal of both parts of the subscription. If you would like to only stop one please contact us on hello@parrotstreet.com and we will arrange this for you.

Skip your next billing cycle to take a break for a few months

If you are finding that books are starting to pile up you may wish to take a break from deliveries for a few months. You can do this by opting to skip your next billing cycle.

The skip will come into effect on the date of your next renewal and means that if you have a 1-month subscription you will skip the next 1 month, if you have a 3-month subscription you will skip the next 3 months, if you have a 6-month subscription you will skip the next 6 months and if you have a 12-month subscription you will skip an entire year. 

Simply hit the 'skip next order' button to make this change:

Skip next order
If you don't want to wait until your next renewal to pause deliveries or would like to skip for a different length of time please contact us on hello@parrotstreet.com and we can arrange that for you.

Change a delivery address

Simply hit 'update' under the shipping address within a subscription to make any changes to the name or address that we send our monthly boxes to:

How to update delivery address

Update your payment details

When you hit 'update' under your payment method you will be sent an email, inviting you to update your card details. Follow the instructions in this email and your new details will be secured safely by our payment provider.

How to update your payment details
We hope you've found this guide useful. If you run into any problems or would like to make a change to your account that's not listed here, please drop us an email and we'll be very happy to help.