A monthly book subscription for children aged 5 to 11

Reading for pleasure has a hugely positive impact on a child's educational and emotional development. With our monthly book subscription, kids enjoy and connect with great books, unlocking everything that is fun and fabulous about fiction!

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How does it work?

Every month your child will receive a letterbox-friendly pack that contains:

A book

A book to keep

  • Try authors and genres you may never have discovered.
  • Choose between our Parakeet or Cockatoo groups according to your child's age and reading level.
Book club-style questions

Book club-style questions

  • Fun book club-style questions for your child to discuss with their friends and family.
Activity pack

Activity pack

  • An activity pack with games, puzzles, instructions for craft projects and more, all inspired by that month’s book.

Get all this from just £12 a month

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Plus for every book we send, we make a charity donation:

Why subscribe?

Why subscribe?

 Encourages reading for pleasure

 Ideal for reading and sharing together

 Develops empathy and imagination

 Supports a great UK literacy charity

 Delivered to your door every month

 Exclusive monthly competitions

 Perfect gift for kids aged 5 to 11

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