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Discover new books, get stuck into fun activities and supercharge their love of reading with an exciting monthly delivery for 5-11 year olds

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Why join our brilliant children’s book club?

Why subscribe?

 Discover great books you might not have easily found yourselves, often from independent publishers

 Try a range of different authors and genres beyond the classics, bestsellers and well-known series

 Build anticipation and excitement about books with a monthly delivery to look forward to

 Enjoy a fun-filled activity pack created to accompany every book

 Talk about books with friends and family – all subscribers in each age group get the same book every month and we even include book club-style questions

 A brilliantly bookish gift for both keen and reluctant readers

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“I love seeing the excited look on my daughter’s face when a new Parrot Street book lands on the doormat. They are great, enjoyable and really well-chosen books.”

— Sara, Cockatoo parent

“I love Parrot Street because I can discover new authors and explore new books. I’ve loved all the books they’ve sent me since I started the book club.”

— Mali, (nearly) 10 years old

“My boys have loved every book and I’ve enjoyed reading it with them...sometimes I sneakily read ahead to see what happens!”

— Harriet, mum to two happy subscribers

How does it work?

Every month your child will receive a letterbox-friendly pack that contains:

A book

A book to keep

All subscribers in each age group receive the same book, so all our selections are good for both girls and boys.

Choose between our Parakeet or Cockatoo groups according to your child’s age and reading level.

Book club-style questions

Book club-style questions

Fun book club-style questions for your child to discuss with their friends and family.

Activity pack

Activity pack

An activity pack with games, puzzles, instructions for craft projects and more, all inspired by that month’s book.

All this from just £12 a month

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Plus for every book we send, we make a charity donation:

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