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Parents' quick start guide to our monthly book box

Thank you for choosing Parrot Street Book Club! Each month we will send your child a fabulous, age-appropriate book and activity pack. They will receive books in a range of styles and genres over the course of their subscription. 
Parent and child reading together.

The books 

Depending on your child’s reading confidence, they may prefer to read some of the books together with you. We strongly believe they will get as much out of listening to you read any story as they will by reading it themselves. The aim of our book club is to get children enjoying and thinking about good books, not testing them on their reading skills.

If you think your child would benefit from switching reading groups (Parakeets, Cockatoos or Macaws), please just drop us a note at and we'll arrange that for you.



Child enjoying book club activity pack

The activities

To avoid spoilers, save the book club-style questions until you’ve finished the book. All the questions are intended to prompt discussion and there are definitely no right or wrong answers!

The activities in the pack and in our online Clubhouse (Cockatoos and Macaws only) are designed to help your child connect the story with their own experiences and prompt them to reflect on what they’ve read. But why stop there? You could plan additional activities, trips or further reading.

Our instructions caution children to be careful or ask for assistance with activities like cutting or cooking. Please ensure they are fully supervised. Similarly, we include links to our YouTube channel and other carefully selected websites in our packs and in the online Clubhouse (Cockatoos and Macaws only) and urge subscribers to follow their family’s rules around using the internet.

Emily and Sarah, Parrot Street founders

Stay in touch

If you have any further queries, please check the FAQs or get in touch directly.

We hope you and your child love the books and activities. We’d love to hear what you think!