What are the benefits of a book subscription?

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If you’re looking for a subscription box for you or your kids, you are certainly not short of options. There is a subscription box out there for pretty much everything from books to science, baking to arts and crafts and everything in between. Of course, we’re a little biased, but we think a book subscription is just about the best thing to have pop through your letterbox each month. The benefits of a book subscription for children (and for grown-ups too) are many and varied. In no particular order, here are our top 5:

Discovering new books and authors

Our customers tell us time and again how much they appreciate being introduced to books and authors that they may never have discovered for themselves. It’s all too easy for any of us to fall back on old favourites, authors we read during our own childhood, or celebrities with a high profile and a big marketing campaign. But there’s so much more to children’s books than teen wizards and chocolate factories. A book subscription means that each month an expert bookseller is handpicking a book that they love and are confident you will too. There’s nothing a bookseller loves more than introducing a reader to a new brilliant new book or author they’ve never read before – it’s what we live for!

Saving time and effort – and supporting small business!

We all live pretty fast-paced lives and time available to peruse the bookshop shelves is in short supply. Of course, there’s the convenience of a certain online retailer, who we all know can deliver books to our doorstep in record time. But browsing a website of that size and scale for the best new children’s books takes time. A book subscription delivers a brand-new book through your letterbox without you even having to think about it, supplying you and your family with fresh new reading material and giving you something to look forward to every month. Plus, there’s the added benefit of supporting a small business to boot!

Trying something new and different

If you’ve ever been in a book club you will know that one of the joys is being encouraged to read something in a genre that you might normally avoid, but which turns out to be right up your street. We make a point of sending our subscribers books in a whole range of genres, from comedy to mystery, fantasy to adventure. Everyone benefits from a varied reading diet, but it’s all too easy for our children to get stuck in a bit of a rut with a favourite series or genre. A book subscription can push them out of their comfort zone and broaden their reading horizons - without parental nagging!

Being part of a book club

A book subscription can make your child feel part of something inclusive – at Parrot Street we send everyone in each age category the same book each month, so they are all on the same reading journey at the same time. We believe that reading is a social experience and we encourage our subscribers to send us their book reviews so that we can share them with their fellow book club members. We all benefit from talking about the books we’ve read, learning more about how they make us feel and what they mean to us by discussing them with friends and family. Being part of a virtual book club can be just as rewarding.

Encouraging reading for pleasure

If you’ve got a reluctant reader at home, or if you have fallen out of a regular reading routine yourself, there’s nothing more motivating than having a brand-new book drop through your letterbox. A book subscription is a great way to reignite a passion for reading, which in turn has enormous educational benefits. Our kids’ book subscription is designed to encourage children to read for pleasure: to read more and more widely, something schools put an enormous amount of emphasis on. It’s an easy way to boost the reading they are doing at school (read more about the many benefits of reading for pleasure, including the academic advantage it will give your kids, here).

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