What are the benefits of educational subscription boxes for kids?

It won’t have escaped your notice that educational subscription boxes for kids have become big business in recent years. We aren’t the only ones offering a subscription box experience with long-lasting educational benefits. Our book subscription, with activities designed specifically to accompany each book, helps support your child’s literacy development throughout their time at school. You can also subscribe to similar subscription boxes that focus on everything from history to languages, nature to science, geography to art. But how exactly do they work and what are the educational benefits?

Children with a Parrot Street book and pack

Supporting their learning

A subscription service like the one we offer at Parrot Street Book Club is an excellent way to support your child’s learning. Learning doesn’t, and shouldn’t, happen exclusively in the classroom. Your child’s teacher needs your support to consolidate the learning they are doing at school, but for many parents this can be quite daunting. We aren’t trained teachers and often don’t know where to start. An educational subscription box provides just the resources and motivation we need. For example, our kids’ book subscription is designed to encourage children to read for pleasure: to read more and more widely, something schools put an enormous amount of emphasis on. It’s an easy way to boost the reading they are doing at school (read more about the many benefits of reading for pleasure, including the academic advantage it will give your kids, here).

Children with a Parrot Street activity

Making learning fun

Learning doesn’t need to be boring! Our teachers are amazing at engaging their students and bringing their learning to life. But with the best will in the world, there is always going to be one subject that your child finds more tedious than the others, or harder to engage with in a school setting. And we all know that the more our kids enjoy the learning experience, the more they get out of it. A subscription box like the ones we send our subscribers are a great solution for re-engaging your child in a subject they are struggling to enjoy. Our book subscription boxes not only contain brilliant new books to get them excited about reading, but also include a whole host of activities designed specifically to accompany each book, bringing the books alive and injecting some much-needed fun into the reading experience, particularly for reluctant readers.

Parent and child reading Parrot Street book

Engaging the whole family

If we learned one thing from home-schooling during lockdown, it’s that both kids and parents benefit when the whole family is engaged in the learning experience. When learning support falls predominantly to one parent, or one child needs more support with a subject than their siblings, it’s all too easy for it to become a chore that gets in the way of quality family time. But it doesn’t have to be that way. A subscription box provides resources that can bring the whole family together. A major goal of our book subscription service is to encourage families to read together and the activities we include alongside the books are all things that can be enjoyed by the whole family. We believe both learning and reading are social activities and that both kids and parents benefit when the whole family is engaged.

Child with piles of books

The gift that keeps on giving

What do you buy the kid who has everything? Another video game? Another box of Lego? More plastic tat that they really don’t need?! We hear time and again from parents and grandparents who are looking for gift ideas that are more sustainable and have longer-term benefits for their children. An educational subscription box is a great solution to this perennial problem. A regular monthly delivery (who doesn’t like receiving a parcel through the post?), packed with fun activities that you know they are going to enjoy and benefit from academically as well – it’s the perfect alternative Christmas or birthday gift. Find out more about our gifting options here.


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