Try an online dyslexia simulator and take our quiz!

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Having read Read Between the Lies you may be wondering what it feels like to experience dyslexia. Perhaps you are dyslexic yourself – how do Ryan and Tommy’s experiences in the book compare to your own?

Scientists at the prestigious Harvard University in the USA have created an online simulator which mimics some people’s experiences of dyslexia.


How does it make you feel?

It’s important to remember that each dyslexic’s experience will be different, but the simulation makes it clear how frustrating it can be.

Now, take our quiz... 

Can you identify these famous people who overcame their dyslexia to achieve great things?

  1. This German-born physicist developed the theory of relativity and he was famous for having messy white hair when he was older!

  2. This Spanish artist developed the Cubist style of painting which often pictures objects or people from multiple points of view at the same time!

  3. This industrial designer and entrepreneur co-founded Apple and famously shunned business suits for black t-shirts and blue jeans!

  4. This celebrity chef is famous for campaigning to make school dinners in British schools healthier.


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