Make a cute origami mushroom

Cute origami mushroom

You will need:

  • A square piece of paper
  • Pens or pencils


Diagonally creased origami paper

1. Fold the paper in half diagonally. Unfold and refold in the other diagonal before unfolding again.

 Paper folded to an envelope shape

2. Fold three of the corners into the middle. The shape you’ve made should look like an open envelope.

Folding the shape in half 

3. Fold the bottom edge of the shape upwards so that the main area of the ‘envelope’ is folded in half.

4. Flip you shape over so that the folded piece is at the back and the point is downwards.

 Folding in a corner point

5. Fold one of the top corners down to meet the middle line of your shape. Repeat with the other corner.

 Folding in the sides to make the mushroom cap

6. Unfold one of the corner flaps and bring the crease that you made across so that it lines up with the middle line of your shape. You'll see that you've made a raised triangle. Press down the new crease that you’ve made which runs inside the raised triangle.

7. Push the outside of the  triangle of paper inwards so that the top ridge of the triangle lines up with the outside edge. Press down all the new creases you’ve made.

Both corners folded in

8. Repeat with the other corner flap.

Folding the mushroom stalk 

9. Bring the bottom point of the shape upwards so that it touches the folds above and crease.

10. Turn the shape over again so that the folds are at the back.

Folding in one side of the mushroom cap 

11. Fold one of the side points over so that it meets the body of the mushroom and crease firmly before unfolding.

Making a rounded edge to the mushroom cap 

12. Opening the cap of the mushroom a little, fold the side point inwards using the vertical creases you made in step 11 as a guide.

13. Repeat with the other side point.

14. Finish by decorating your mushroom however you would like.