Junk model a robot using recycled materials

Junk modelled robot created from recycled cardboard and plastic packaging

Have a go at creating your very own robot model using recycled materials and a few craft supplies.

You will need:

  • Assorted recycling e.g. toilet roll tubes, boxes, pots, tin foil
  • Craft materials e.g. tissue paper, pipe cleaners, stickers (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape or glue
  • Pens, paint or pencils

Assorted recycling and craft materials including tin foil

1. Start by gathering together some recycling materials and working out a rough plan for how to turn them into a robot. Will your robot have arms and legs, a body and a head, or perhaps something else entirely?

Covering the robot's body in tin foil

2. We started by creating our robot's body, covering it in tin foil to make it shiny. Perhaps you will do something similar?

3. Use sticky tape or glue to stick the main parts of your robot together.

3. Once you've assembled the main structure of your robot it's time to have some fun by adding details using your pens or paint. What fun details can you think to add?


We'd love to see your creation once its finished. Why not ask an adult to send us a photo to hello@parrotstreet.com?