Create a 3D puzzle to challenge your friends

3D string and bead puzzle


You will need:

  • A small piece of cardboard
  • A pen or sharp pencil
  • A length of string or wool
  • A bead or button


1. Mark out four dots in the shape of a Y on your card.


Dots in a Y-shape


2. Use a pen or sharp pencil to make each dot into a small hole in the card – they must not be big enough to allow your bead to pass through!


Holes in a Y shape


3. Measure a length of wool that’s 6-8 times the length of the card.


Measuring a length of wool


4. Bring the two ends of the wool together and thread your bead onto it. Tie the two ends with a knot to stop the bead sliding off.


Creating the loop of wool with a bead on it


5. Thread the looped end of the wool down into the first hole on the cardboard and up through the second.


Threading the puzzle


6. Next thread the wool down through the top left hole and up through the right.


Continuing to thread the puzzle


7. Finally, thread the wool back down through the centre hole and up through the bottom one.


Finishing the threading and looping the bead


8. Thread the bead through the loop of wool before gently pulling the wool that’s appearing from the top right hand hole. This should pull the loop back through the bottom and middle holes.


Finishing the puzzle set up


9. In order not to give away how you threaded the puzzle, continue pulling and adjusting the wool until it is running tightly over the puzzle and the bead hangs from a long string at the bottom.

You’re now ready to give the puzzle to your friends and family and ask them to remove the string from the card. Will they manage it?

Reminder: to solve the puzzle you simply reverse the steps above by pushing the loop through the middle and lower holes and unhooking the bead!