Why subscriptions make a perfect Christmas gift

Wrapped Christmas gift being held in two hands


We’ve always loved a subscription - from the Storyteller tapes & magazines of our childhood through to the magnificent Heat magazine subscription that our shared flat enjoyed in the early 2000s! Each delivery becomes an event and the anticipation and excitement can be immense. Subscriptions make wonderful gifts as they continue to be magical for months or even years after they’re given.

But you don’t need to just take our word for it. We were thrilled to see Parrot Street Book Club featured in two recent magazine features highlighting the wonders of gift subscriptions:

Livingetc logo

“A present that delights all year round is surely an easy win, and there are now all sorts of subscription offers”

Our children’s book subscription featured alongside a range of self-care subscriptions for adults in the ‘Gifts that keep on giving’ section of Livingetc magazine’s gift guide.

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“A new breed of business is offering kids’ subscription boxes designed to educate and inspire”

Alongside toy, STEM and language learning subscriptions Parrot Street Book Club featured in the December edition of Absolutely Mama magazine.

Find out more about our fantastic gift subscriptions here.


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