7 reasons why we recommend graphic novels and comics for all kids and teens

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Graphic novels are having a bit of a moment and we couldn’t be happier about it. There are growing graphic novel sections in bookshops and libraries. New titles and series are being published each month.

As a book format graphic novels have so much going for them but, for reasons we struggle to understand, have historically been seen as inferior to “proper books”. We’re passionate about the power of graphic novels and have been championing this underdog format for years!

While some may argue that the inclusion of illustrations in graphic novels diminishes their status as "real" reading, this viewpoint overlooks the complexity and depth of the medium. In fact, graphic novels can offer unique benefits that traditional text-based books may not provide.


7 reasons why graphic novels are a great choice for all readers

Graphic novels are visually engaging

Graphic novels combine illustrations with text, creating a visually rich storytelling experience that captivates readers' imaginations. The colourful artwork and dynamic layouts draw readers into the story, making the reading experience more immersive and enjoyable.

Graphic novels are accessible

The visual nature of graphic novels makes them accessible to readers of all ages and reading abilities. The combination of images and text provides multiple entry points for understanding the story, making it easier for reluctant readers or those with learning differences to engage with the material.

Graphic novels span a huge range of genres and themes

Graphic novels cover a wide range of genres and themes, from fantasy and adventure to mystery, romance, and slice-of-life stories. This diversity ensures that there is something for every reader's interests and preferences, encouraging exploration and discovery.

Graphic novels are often quick and satisfying reads

Graphic novels often feature fast-paced narratives that can be consumed relatively quickly compared to traditional novels. This allows readers to experience the satisfaction of completing a story in a shorter amount of time, which can be particularly appealing to young readers or those with busy schedules.

Graphic novels give character development and emotional connection

Just like traditional literature, graphic novels delve into complex characters, relationships, and emotions. Readers develop strong connections with the characters through the combination of visual and textual cues, enhancing their enjoyment of the story and fostering empathy.

Graphic novels encourages series reading

Many graphic novels are part of series, offering readers the opportunity to follow characters and story arcs across multiple volumes. This can create a sense of anticipation and excitement, encouraging readers to seek out and devour subsequent instalments.

Graphic novels can be a gateway to other formats

For some readers graphic novels serve as a gateway to other forms of literature. As they develop a love for reading through graphic novels, they may become more open to exploring traditional novels, non-fiction, poetry and more.


Overall, graphic novels provide a vibrant and dynamic reading experience that supports and encourages reading for pleasure in readers of all ages. Their accessibility, engaging visuals, and diverse storytelling make them an invaluable addition to any reader's library and if you’ve not tried them yet we’d heartily recommend it!


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