Our subscriptions in the press

Psychologies and Your Home magazine logos

We have been working hard to promote our children’s book subscriptions to new audiences over the past year, so are thrilled to have been featured in two national magazines in the past few months.

A book lover’s package for your child

Psychologies magazine included us on their books page saying, ‘Parrot Street Book Club provides a positive postal experience every month’. And, of course, we strongly agree with their conclusion that our service is ‘perfect for helping young bookworms cement their love of words’.

Budding bookworms

Your Home magazine included our book club on their ‘This month we love’ pages, highlighting our aim to ‘allow kids to fall in love with reading’.

My Baba and The Homeworker logos

Online coverage

We have also recently been featured in two online publications: MyBaba and The Homeworker. The latter was an in-depth profile of the two of us as small business owners and a pleasure to be involved with.

Find out more about our fantastic book subscriptions here.


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