Make a festive garland using recycled paper

Happy child holding up recycled paper and scissors


There's nothing quite like setting the kids off on a festive craft project and seeing what they come up with. All being well you might even get a few moments to enjoy a hot cuppa or wrap some gifts!

We shared this fun recycled paper activity with our Parakeet subscribers last December and thought it was definitely worth popping up here too...

Fold & Snip Festive Garlands

Fold and snip recycled paper garland


You will need:
  • Old magazines, newspaper or wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Washi tape or string to hang your garlands up with

1. Take a full sheet of the old paper and fold it in half lengthways.


A folded magazine page and a hand making parallel cuts in it.

2. About 3cm in from one side, make a cut that reaches from the very bottom to about 1cm from the top. It’s very important that you don’t cut all the way up!

3. Continue cutting at 3cm intervals across the whole sheet.

A folded magazine page being cut to make a paper garland

4. Turn the paper around and make a cut in between each of the ones you made is steps 2 and 3. Again, start from the bottom and stop about 1cm from the top. 


5. Open the sheet of paper and gently pull it from either end to open up the garland and see the effect you've created!

6. You may want to use glue to stick multiple garlands together before hanging them up.

    We'd love to see how you get on. Why not tag us in a picture on social media or send a snap via email?


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