6 cli-fi, eco-dystopian and eco-thriller novels for 12, 13 and 14-year-olds

A parched landscape under burning sun with dead trees and plants

Cli-fi (climate fiction) and eco-dystopian stories are a growing genre of literature that not only entertain but raise awareness about the importance of protecting our planet. From harrowing tales of survival in a world ravaged by climate change to stories that shed light on the consequences of human actions on the environment, these books offer a unique and imaginative perspective on the challenges our planet faces.

Cli-fi books can provide students with a deeper understanding of complex environmental challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss and environmental degradation, while also encouraging critical thinking and reflection on their own actions and choices.

Eco-dystopian novels explore dark and cautionary visions of potential environmental futures. These eco-thrillers can challenge tweens and teens to think critically about the ethical implications of our current environmental practices and the potential repercussions for future generations.

These exciting and thought-provoking books, picked from both the middle grade and young adult categories, combine elements of fantasy with pressing environmental themes and would be an excellent choice for any 12, 13 or 14 year olds that are looking for their next read.

Cover of Giften by Leyla Suzan


Giften by Leyla Suzan

Ever since The Darkening, survival has been a struggle. The people of the Field toil on parched earth, trying to forge a life amid dwindling resources. As one of the Giften, Ruthie is a saviour to her isolated community: her hands hold the rare ability to raise food from dead soil. In the City lurks a dark army, intent on hunting Giften to harness their power. One way or another, a battle is coming...


Cover of War of the Wind by Victoria Williamson

War of the Wind by Victoria Williamson

On a remote Scottish island, fourteen-year-old Max’s life changes forever when he loses his hearing in a boating accident. Struggling to make sense of his new life and finding it hard to adapt in school, he begins to notice other - even stranger - changes taking place when a new wind farm appears off the island’s coast.


We sent this gripping eco-thriller to our Macaw subscribers in March 2023 and have a few copies of the subscription box available for purchase here.


Cover of The Drowning Day by Anne Cassidy

The Drowning Day by Anne Cassidy

It's 2052, a time when enormous floods can devastate the land at any moment. Jade lives in the Wetlands, a place that will be devastated by the floods. Safety can be found behind the walls of North-Hampton, but it's a town steeped in prejudice against Wetlanders.

When the siren sounds the flood-warning, Jade and local boy, Bates, must join with outcast Samson to head to North-Hampton. But the threesome are carrying secrets that are even more dangerous than the impending floodwaters.


Cover of The Girl Who Broke the Sea by A. Connors

The Girl Who Broke the Sea by A. Connors

After she gets kicked out of school for her destructive behaviour, Lily agrees to an unusual fresh start: going with her mum to live at Deephaven, an experimental deep-sea mining rig and research station located at the bottom of the ocean. Lily quickly discovers that all is not right in her claustrophobic and isolated new home - the head scientist has disappeared just as he was on the brink of a shocking discovery. In the darkness of the deep, something is stirring ... something dangerous.


This exhilarating eco-thriller was sent to our Macaw subscribers in March 2023 and have a few copies of the subscription box available for purchase here.


Cover of The City of Rust by Gemma Fowler

City of Rust by Gemma Fowler

Set in a dystopian future world where the Earth has been overwhelmed with its own rubbish - an all too feasible scenario - and where the rubbish stored in space now completely encircles the planet. The privileged few inhabit the mountain top City of Glass and the earth dwellers scrape a living amongst the rusting junk below in Boxville- the City Of Rust. Above them all, the feared Junker clans make their fortunes mining the rubbish in space.


Cover of Flood World by Tom Huddleston


Flood World by Tom Huddleston

Set in a flooded future world this thrilling adventure sees two young people caught up in a world of pirates, gangsters, power struggles and corruption. Kara and Joe live in a floating slum on the edge of what is left of London after rising seas have drowned our civilisation. They’ve always been told that the Mariners, gangs who live entirely at sea, are terrorists. But then Joe’s life is saved by a Mariner, who entrusts him with a secret map.


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