Bookish activities for half term

Pot of crayons and child colouring


We find it useful to always have a few activities up our sleeves when the kids are on school holidays, for those moments when tempers are fraying, or the weather has scuppered our plans. Over the months we’ve been collecting book-related activities from all corners of the web in our Holiday Hub, and here are three of our favourites:

Get drawing with one of our favourite illustrators

If you’ve read The Bolds by Julian Clary, or even if you haven’t, follow along with illustrator David Roberts to see how he draws those hilarious hyenas.

Make an origami superfrog

Head to Sweet Cherry Publishing to download printable instructions. While you're there you might also like to check out their dinosaur, invention and ancient Greece themed activities.

Explore Words for Life

The National Literacy Trust’s website for parents helpfully divides its fun stuff into age categories, making it easy to explore this treasure trove of bookish activities. The Winnie the Witch colouring sheet and word search look particularly appropriate for this time of year!

Why not check out our Holiday Hub if you’re in need of more inspiration?

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