8 reasons why we’re feeling excited about World Book Day 2024

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Are you looking forward to World Book Day 2024?

We definitely are! We love the fact that children and adults come together to celebrate and discuss their favourite books and characters. The excitement of dressing up as book characters and getting stuck into book-themed activities adds an extra layer of enjoyment!

This year's World Book Day falls on Thursday 7th March and the official website is brimming with suggestions to keep you busy in the run up to the event and on the day.

We thought it would be helpful to share some of our particular highlights with you:

Our pick of the 2024 World Book Day £1 books

Each year, World Book Day enlists a group of talented children's authors to craft a series of exclusive books designed specifically for the occasion. These fantastic books are available for just £1 each or in exchange for a World Book Day £1 book token (distributed through schools and nurseries across the UK).

The range of £1 World Book Day titles

It's wonderful to know that so many children will be getting their hands on new and exciting books. These stories will keep on giving joy long after March 2nd, as they can be read again, shared, and loved by kids at home and in libraries.

Our biggest challenge is always choosing which £1 books to get! To help those facing the same dilemma, we're sharing our favourite fiction picks:


1. An action-packed illustrated adventure book for early readers

Cover of Marv and the Ultimate Superpower by Alex Falase Koya


Marv and the Ultimate Superhero features 5 short stories in which the loveable superhero tackles new challenges and learns more about himself in the process.

We love Marv and sent the first book in the series, Marv and the Mega Robot, to our Parakeet subscribers back in August 2022. The series has expanded since then and we’d thoroughly recommend you check it out with any chapter book lovers aged 5+ 

Find activity and dressing up ideas, videos and more here


2. A graphic novel perfect for fans of Bunny vs Monkey and The Phoenix!

Cover of InvestiGators: High Rise Hijinks

InvestiGators: Hi-rise Hijinks by John Patrick Green is a laugh-out loud adventure presented in an engaging comic strip style. The InvestiGators, Mango and Brash, have a new case to crack and must go undercover to solve it.

We love the InvestiGators series, which blends gripping mysteries with humour and fantastic illustrations. They’re particularly great for reluctant readers because the graphic novel style can feel less overwhelming and the big belly laughs help make the reading experience fun too!

View sample chapters, activity ideas and more here

You may also be interested in checking out our carefully curated graphic novel collection.


3. Laugh-out loud fun with a Norse twist for age 7+

Cover of Loki: Tales of a Bad God

Loki: Tales of a Bad God is the most recent in a fantastic series by Louie Stowell which is presented in a diary style, complete with drawings and doodles. We’ve loved the first few books in the series, based on the exploits of Norse god Loki who has been banished to live on earth as an 11-year-old boy after playing one too many tricks on the other gods!

Learn more, watch videos and take part in activities here


4. Gripping superhero fantasy adventure for readers age 8+

Cover of Onyeka and the Secret Superhero

The wonderfully imaginative and inclusive Onyeka and the Secret Superhero is a great choice for confident readers aged 8+.

Twelve-year-old Onyeka is enrolled at the Academy of the Sun, a school for superheroes called Solari. When she’s sent on a mission with her friends to investigate a series of freak weather incidents in a remote village, they aren’t expecting to find a top secret Solari with extraordinary superpowers. 

Read a sample chapter, find activity ideas and watch author videos here

If you’re looking for even more fantasy adventures for 8+ why not check out our fantasy chapter book collection


5. Edge-of-your-seat spooky sci-fi for age 8+

Cover of Dread Wood: Creepy Creations

Jennifer Killick is the queen of middle grade horror and her Dread Wood series is immensely popular with confident readers who enjoy pulse-racing, nail-biting but totally age-appropriate stories.

In Dread Wood: Creepy Creations Angelo and the rest of Club Loser must venture deep into the tunnels underneath Dread Wood High to rescue their favourite teacher, Mr Canton from the hideous creatures that lurk there.

Read, Scream, Repeat is a collection of thirteen spooky stories from award-winning children’s authors, curated by Jennifer Killick which will chill, thrill and delight middle-grade readers.


More fun World Book Day activities to enjoy

6. Online events for World Book Day

World Book Day is organizing a line-up of online events featuring children’s authors and illustrators, which everyone can participate in from home or school.


7. Free audiobooks for kids

We also love the range of free audiobooks offered on the World Book Day website. Our top picks if you to check out would be: Maggie Sparks and the Monster Baby, Danny Cheung Does Not Do Maths, Steady for This and Adam-2.


8. Fun competitions to enter

There are a number of competitions to enter, organised by World Book Day. We're most excited to see that there's an opportunity to win a full set of Bad Panda books by Swapna Haddow and Sheena Dempsey. These hilarious, illustrated capers are perfect for all readers aged 5+.


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