7 sweet treat ideas for a Christmas Eve box

Girl holding a hot chocolate with a marshmallow snowman in it


Christmas Eve is the perfect opportunity for kids (and big kids) to indulge in some sweet treats. Whether it’s something to nibble or to drink, going all-out on the sprinkles and decorations will just add to the fun!

Will you keep things simple or turn the treat-making into an activity for the kids to enjoy? Whatever you choose, popping the various elements into a Christmas Eve box will add a fantastic element of surprise and could be the start of an annual tradition.

Obviously, there’s no shortage of options for sweet treats but we’ve chosen to share just a few of our favourites:


Hot chocolate bombs – the homemade option

We hadn’t heard of these until very recently but we’re now desperate to try and create our own. We’ll be following this YouTube tutorial when we give it a try – wish us luck!


Ready-to-go hot chocolate bombs

When time or patience is short, these hot chocolate bombs from Cocoba look…the bomb (oh dear – I’ll get my coat!).

Cocoba Hot Chocolate Bomb with Marshmallows

Want to pair these with a Christmas mug? We’ve shared some ideas over on 10 ideas for what to put in a Christmas Eve box.


Biscuits & cakes

We’ve been using this lovely recipe for Polish gingerbread cookies for a number of years and it’s a winner every time. Tubes of white icing make creating your festive designs a breeze. Why not pop the dry ingredients in a jar and add to a Christmas Eve box as an invitation to bake?

If you’re after something quick and simple to organise, this Christmas jumper biscuit making kit from Craft & Crumb looks like a lot of fun.


Craft & Crumb Christmas jumper biscuit baking kit



Sweets & chocolate

We find it hard to resist sweets and chocolates, especially at Christmas. We included a recipe for simple but delicious coconut burfi in the activity pack that accompanied Sona Sharma, Very Best Big Sister. So, if you’re considering popping one of our past packs in your Christmas Eve box you may want to check this one out!

Coconut burfi of assorted colours


Our kids love marshmallows and getting to work with tubes of coloured icing, so we’ll definitely be giving this tutorial a try too:



But what about Santa’s hardworking reindeer?

They definitely deserve a Christmas Eve treat too and a little packet of it can make a great addition to a Christmas Eve box. But, sadly, some of the reindeer food on the market is filled with glitter and other things that aren’t great for reindeer or other animals in our gardens.

The RSPCA has shared this helpful recipe for creating your own reindeer food.

Looking for more ideas for what to put in a Christmas Eve box? We're sharing more ideas here. Plus, ideas for the perfect Christmas Eve book here.


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