7 fun and easy Halloween food ideas for kids

Whether it’s serving up spooky snacks or creating a fiendish feast, festive food is a great way to add to the fun of Halloween at home. We know that our subscribers love getting stuck into the recipe we include with each month’s pack, so we delved into the archive to find 7 ideas for you to try.

We’ve put a spooky spin on some standard recipes which should be simple enough for kids to have a good go at themselves. However, please do supervise them, especially when using knives or heat sources!


Rice crispy monsters and snakes as Halloween food ideas


Rice crispy creatures

Put a spin on your normal rice crispy cake recipe by creating spooky snakes or monsters. Will you add food colouring to the mixture?

To make the snakes, simply mould the mixture into shape and stud with your favourite sweet treats. For the monsters, press the mixture into a shallow tray and refrigerate before cutting into oblongs, dipping into melted chocolate and adding edible eyes!


Fruity monster faces as a Halloween food idea


Fruity monster mouths

Sandwich two slices of apple with some peanut butter and stud with mini marshmallows to make a fantastic monster mouth. A piece of dried fruit makes a perfect tongue and slices of banana work well to make these eyes on sticks!


Spider jam tarts for Halloween food


Jam tart spiders

Another twist on a standard recipe. Create your tart cases as normal but reserve some pastry to create 8 long thin legs for each tart. Press the legs into each case before adding the jam and two tiny rolls of pastry for eyes!


Chocolate mice as a Halloween food idea


Chocolate truffle mice

Create your favourite chocolate truffle mix and mould each ball into a mouse shape. Complete the mice by adding flaked almond ears, silver balls for eyes and a length of red lace as a tail!


Black cat cupcakes for Halloween food


Black cat cakes

Turn any cupcake into a witch’s cat by adding chocolate icing, edible eyes and a sweetie nose. For the all-important whiskers, you could use Matchmakers, Pocky or Mikado sticks.


Toad ice cream sundae as a Halloween food idea


Toad Sundae

Place two scoops of gloriously green mint or pistachio ice cream into a bowl. Halve a green grape to make two eyes and use some chocolate sauce to stick a chocolate chip into the centre of each half to make a pupil. A chocolate sauce mouth and fruit roll tongue are the finishing touches.


We’d love to see pictures of what you create – you can share them with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter or via email

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