6 of the best Christmas books for kids


Mother and two kids reading Christmas books by torchlight


One of my earliest memories is of being snuggled up with my dad on Christmas Eve reading (and re-reading!) ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. It became a family tradition and the now slightly battered book still comes out every year.

Of course, reading together is for life, not just for Christmas! But there’s something particularly special about the books we share with our kids at Christmas. Getting out the box of Christmas books is as much a part of our pre-Christmas preparations as decorating the tree.

There are so many brilliant Christmas books for kids to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Here are our top recommendations for a bit of festive reading this holiday season:


The Twelve Cats of Christmas by Alison Ritchie


The Twelve Cats of Christmas by Alison Ritchie, illustrated by Marisa Morea

This funny and charming re-working of the classic Christmas poem is bursting with feline charm. Beautiful illustrations and a fun, rhyming rhythm make this a picture book they’ll be bursting to have you read over and over again. Perfect for kids aged 3+.


The First Christmas Jumper by Ryan Tubridy


The First Christmas Jumper and the Sheep Who Changed Everything by Ryan Tubridy, illustrated by M Chris Judge

This is the story of Hillary the sheep, whose wool, unlike her typical white or brown friends, is all the colours of the rainbow. And she loves Christmas. She loves everything about it, especially Santa. When news gets out that Mr Claus himself is travelling across all of Ireland, looking for the perfect sheep's wool to make a brand-new jumper, Hillary's head begins to spin... Could her wool-dest dreams come true? Perfect for kids aged 5+.


Tinsel: The Girl Who Invented Christmas by Sibeal Pounder



Tinsel: The Girl Who Invented Christmas by Sibeal Pounder

Meet Blanche Claus, a girl who’s about to take you on a sleigh ride you’ll never forget! The bestselling author of the Witch Wars and Bad Mermaids series has created this funny, feminist tale about friendship (and mince-pie feasts) which you’ll struggle to put down. Perfect for kids aged 8+.


The Fish in the Bathtub by Eoin Colfer


The Fish in the Bathtub by Eoin Colfer, illustrated by Peter Bailey

This heart-warming story is set in post-war Poland. Lucja's Grandpa Feliks has seen off the German army and now he is looking forward to a long and peaceful retirement. He plans to begin with a tasty Christmas Eve dinner of carp. But when the carp arrives alive and takes up residence in the bathtub, and Lucja's heart, has Grandpa Feliks finally met his match? Perfect for kids aged 5+.


One Christmas Wish by Katherine Rundell


One Christmas Wish by Katherine Rundell, illustrated by Emily Sutton

It's Christmas Eve and Theo - left at home with a babysitter - sees an odd-looking star out of his window and decides to make a wish. He wishes that he had some friends to keep him company. Moments later the Christmas decorations begin to disentangle themselves from the tree behind him, ready to wreak a little havoc ... Perfect for kids aged 3+.


A Christmas in Time by Sally Nicholls


A Christmas in Time by Sally Nicholls

This latest instalment of the In Time series, sees Alex and Ruby fall through the mirror in their aunt’s house and find themselves in a Victorian Christmas. They meet poor, motherless Edith who is condemned to be sent to a cruel boarding school on Boxing Day. Can Alex and Ruby persuade her strict father that home is where the heart is instead? Perfect for kids aged 7+


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