5 activities to keep the kids busy at home this holiday

Two girls drawing a chef's hat


With the weather forecast not looking great for the next few weeks our hopes of spending hours outdoors with the kids may be dashed. So we thought it would be good to share a few indoor activities that you can have up your sleeve for the more miserable days. They’re always a hit with our kids and take very little preparation so you can whip them out when a bit of distraction is needed.

Get drawing

Head to our YouTube channel for a playlist of videos featuring fantastic children’s book illustrators showing you how to draw just like them. The kids can either copy along or use these as illustration to create their own character. They may also like to use this template to create a whole comic strip.

Cardboard crafting

There are always boxes and toilet roll tubes in our recycling box that can provide hours of entertainment. One option is to fire up their imaginations by encouraging them to turn larger boxes into amazing vehicles or hideouts to use in their play. On a smaller scale they can use the cardboard to create sculptures or more detailed craft projects like a 3D scene or these cute finger puppets.

Create a nature picture

Ok, so this one isn’t strictly an indoor activity but it’s loads of fun nonetheless. Head out on a walk and encourage the kids to collect leaves, petals and other natural treasures that catch their eye. Back at home these can be arranged to create beautiful nature pictures. Need some inspiration? Head to our YouTube channel to find out more about the artist Andy Goldsworthy who creates art from nature.

Kids in the kitchen

From creating an outlandish sandwich to a full meal, most kids love to get cooking. Find some fantastic recipes here or why not try these delicious gingerbread cookies.

Wordy wonders

We love this simple word game, inspired by classic games like Boggle and Scrabble. Write down a long word (why not try: disproportionate, misdirection, swashbuckling or navigation) and then see how many smaller words you can make out of it. Younger children may find it easier to write each letter on a slip of paper, allowing them to rearrange them easily. Make it a competition if you dare!

Why not check out our Holiday Hub if you’re in need of more inspiration?

We include activities like this in all the packs we create to accompany our book selection. They are designed to get children thinking and engaging more deeply with the books they’ve read. Find out more about our subscriptions and join the club here.


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