Make an origami dragon

Folded origami dragon in flowery paper

Precision is key when it comes to origami - line each fold up as carefully as you can and make sure you press firmly to create a sharp crease. 

It may take a few tries to make a perfect dragon but follow these steps and you'll get the hang of it in no time!

Create the basic dragon shape

  1. Fold your paper in half horizontally and open it out again. 

    Folded origami paper

  2. Turn the paper 90 degrees and fold the paper in half horizontally and open it again. 

  3. Turn the paper over and lay it down with a point facing up. Fold in half to make a large triangle. Before opening again.

    Folded origami paper

  4. Turn the paper 90 degrees and fold again to create a large triangle before unfolding.

  5. Gently push the centre of the paper up from underneath. Push the two valley creases on either side of the centre inwards so that the paper collapses into a diamond shape. Place the paper back down on the table with the end that was the centre of the paper at the top. 

    Folded origami paper

  6. Take the top layer of paper on the left-hand side and fold it in so that its edge lines up with the centre crease. Repeat on the right-hand side. Before opening both folds up.

    Folded origami paper

  7. Take the top layer of paper from the bottom point and raise it so the centre fold lifts. Following the two diagonal creases allow the left hand side of the layer to fold inwards. Repeat on the right, making a kite shape layer on the top of the paper.

    Folded origami paper

  8. Lift the top layer of paper so that the triangle points to the top and push gently to ensure all the creases are well made.

    Folded origami paper

  9. Turn the paper over and repeat steps 6, 7 and 8 on this side.

    Folded origami paper

  10. Take the top layer on the right hand side and fold it in so that it lines up with the centre line. Repeat on the left hand side.

    Folded origami paper

  11. Turn the paper over and repeat step 11 on this side.

Create that dragon's head and tail

  1. Pick up the figure and turn it 45 degrees so that what was an edge is facing upwards. Separate the two  folds that you see and then carefully work to raise the long, thin triangle section until it folds neatly. Ensure the long triangle you have raised is neatly creased along its length.

    Folded origami paper Folded origami paper

  2. Repeat on the other side.

  3. About 2cm from the end of one of the long triangles, open the folds and start to push the end of the triangle downwards, creating a new fold.

  4. About halfway along the small section you’ve created, fold the pointed end back towards the dragon’s body. You’ve created the dragon’s head.

    Folded origami paper

  5. Use the same technique to create some kinks in the dragon’s tail.

    Folded origami

Add detail to the dragon's wings

  1. Fold one of the dragon’s wings down and create a horizontal fold. Fold the wing back up at a slight angle, then repeat a few times lining up the top and bottom creases to create a concertina.

    Folded origami paper 

  2. Repeat with the other wing, lining up both wings as best you can.

    Folded origami paper