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Quick craft activity: Make tissue paper flowers

Posted on Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Two tissue paper flowers

We love getting crafty with the kids and when we can link it to a book we’ve been enjoying it’s even better. Back in December 2018 we sent our subscribers a simply magnificent book by Bren MacDibble called How to Bee. The activity pack we produced contained instructions for making these beautiful tissue paper flowers and we thought the summer holidays were a great chance to share them again.


Kids making origami bookmarks

We’ve spent 4 full days outside at events over the past month and we’re extremely grateful that the weather was so kind to us. There’s no doubt that being so busy made navigating all the usual end of term commitments with the kids that much trickier. But we’re so glad we did it and had great fun in the process.


Ariki and the Giant Shark book with activity pack

One of the things that makes our kids book subscription unique is that there is more to it than just books. We also believe there’s more we can do to get kids thinking and engaging more deeply with what they’re reading. Our carefully curated monthly parcels are designed to take the reading experience beyond the page.