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Bunting blowing in the wind

You may think a literary festival would be no place for kids, with lots of long lectures and intellectual discussion but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The breadth and depth of events for children at these festivals is simply stunning. Here's why we love them and are taking a stall at three in the next few months.


Our pirate book edit

Posted on Friday, April 12, 2019

A child on the floor drawing a pirate hat

Ahoy, me hearties! This month we sent our Parakeet subscribers a swashbuckling pirate adventure, which inspired us to come up with this edit of our favourite pirate-themed books for kids.


Two girls drawing a chef's hat

With the weather forecast not looking great for the next few weeks our hopes of spending hours outdoors with the kids may be dashed. So we thought it would be good to share a few indoor activities that you can have up your sleeve for the more miserable days. They’re always a hit with our kids and take very little preparation so you can whip them out when a bit of distraction is needed.