Walker: The Dog Who Can Talk to Dogs by Shoo Rayner and accompanying activity pack.

Walker: The Boy Who Can Talk to Dogs Past Pack

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Walker: The boy who can talk to dogs
By Shoo Rayner

Charming adventure story for kids aged 5+

This book gave us a dogs-eye view of the world! All Walker wants is a dog, but his mother is allergic. So, he decides to set up his own business walking everyone else’s. This works better than he could have imagined when he finds he can talk to the dogs and understand what they say to him! The dogs lead him to a terrible puppy farm hidden in the wood. It’s down to Walker and the dogs to stop the farm and save the puppies.

With this activity pack you will:

Draw your perfect dog
Make an origami dog
Learn all about Crufts

Plus, lots more!

Includes free UK P&P.