Create a reflection painting inspired by Islamic architecture

Reflection picture inspired by Islamic architecture


You will need:

  • A piece of paper

  • Paint

  • Pens and pencils


1. Start by folding your piece of paper in half and then unfolding it.

2. Roughly paint the coloured shapes that will make up the building you’d like to see being reflected in the water. Be generous with the paint and work quickly as you’ll need it to remain wet.

Creating rough colour blocks


3. To create the reflection you need to fold the paper again and press it firmly to transfer some paint to the other side. If you took some time to create your design and think the paint may have dried too much, add another layer of paint just before you fold.

Folding the paper to make the reflection

4. Unfold the paper and leave it until the paint has dried completely.

Revealing the reflection

5. Add detail to your picture with pens and pencils. We used pen to make the details of the building stand out and pencil to create the colour of the water and sky.

Creating details in the final picture