A quick and easy way to draw a wolf

Finished wolf drawing
Would you like to learn a quick and easy way to draw a wolf? All you need is your own hand and a few pens!

1. Lay your hand onto the sheet of paper with your thumb pointing upwards, your second finger bent and the other fingers pointing out as shown here:
Hand on paper in shape of a wolf head
2. Draw around the outline of your hand. You may want to do it in pencil first and then go over the outline in pen.
Outline of a wolf head on paper
3. Using the same pen, draw an additional ear next to the first (the outline of your thumb). 
Outline of wolf head with two ears
4. Use a black pen to add an eye, nose and those all important sharp teeth!
Wolf head with eye, nose and teeth
5. Finally, colour in the wolf's coat. You may also like to add some colour to the ears and a lolling tongue.
Drawing of a wolf head with sharp teeth and lolling tongue

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