Make origami lucky stars!

Three colourful folded origami stars


Also known as wishing stars, these cute little stars are supposed to bring you luck as you fold them and even more luck if you give them away!


To make the stars you will need:

  • Colourful paper
  • Scissors


Folding the origami stars:

1. Start by cutting a long strip of paper. The wider the strip the bigger the final star will be (but the longer the strip needs to be). We found a 1.5cm strip cut from the long side of a sheet of A4 paper worked best to get started!

2. Create a loop in one end of the paper strip. Pull the shorter end of the strip into through the back of the loop to start making a knot.

Create loop to start making origami star

3. Slowly and carefully tighten the knot by pulling each end of the strip and working the paper so that the knot flattens without the breaking or squeezing the sides of the strip. You're trying to make the knot into a flat, even pentagon shape.

Create pentagon knot to start making origami star

4. Tuck the shorter end of the strip behind the knot and trim away any excess if you need.

Fold short end behind pentagon knot

5. Next fold the longer end of the strip behind the knot, keeping the top edge in line with the top edge of the pentagon-shaped knot.

Fold long end of strip behind the pentagon knot

6. Continue wrapping the strip of paper tightly around the pentagon and lining up the edges.

Wrap all of the strip around the pentagon knot

7. When only a small end remains, tuck it into the pocket of the pentagon.

Tuck end into the pocket of the pentagon

8. To inflate the star, gently pinch the paper on either side of one of the points with your thumb and forefinger. Repeat with all 5 points


Inflate star by pinching the points

It may take a bit of practise to make perfect stars but you’ll be amazed how quickly you improve.


How will you use the stars you make? Perhaps you could string them together as a garland? Or give them to friends?