Make a horseshoe frame


Handmade horseshoe frame with a picture of a horse in it


You will need:

  •  Thick cardboard
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Tinfoil
  • Glue
  • Sticky tape
  • Skewer
  • Stick tack
  • Ribbon
  • Decorations


Horseshoe shape cut out of cardboard


1. Draw the shape of a horseshoe onto the cardboard. Once you’re happy with the shape, cut it out.

Adding details to the cardboard horseshoe


2. Use a pen to roughly draw some details onto the horseshoe and push down enough to make some indents into the thick cardboard. It doesn’t matter if this looks messy, its to give the final frame some texture.

3. Cover the front of the horseshoe with glue and stick down the sheet of tinfoil with the less shiny side showing.

Cardboard horseshoe covered in tinfoil


4. Carefully cut and fold the tin foil so that it wraps the horseshoe tightly, making sure to carefully push into the indents you made in step 2. Hide the ends at the back of the horseshoe and secure with sticky tape if necessary.

Threading ribbon onto the horseshoe


5. In order to hang the frame you will need two holes at the top of the horseshoe. Carefully push a skewer through the horseshoe and into a lump of sticky tack.

6. Thread your ribbon through the hole and secure with a knot at the back. You may choose to cut the ribbon in half and tie it in a bow at the hanging point as a decorative detail.

7. Add some decorations to the horseshoe according to your own taste. We’ve used wool, beads and feathers but what could you use? Be as creative as you can.

8. Finally, choose which picture you’d like to add to the frame and carefully stick it to the back with tape.