Make a highwayman dog

Highwayman dog card with floppy ears and pull out tongue


You will need:

  • A rectangle of card
  • Sturdy paper, ideally in a range of colours
  • Scissors
  • A pencil
  • Sticky tape
  • Glue
  • A black pen


Folded white card

1. Fold the rectangle of card in half so it resembles a portrait greetings card.

Orange strip of paper to make ears 

2. Cut a strip of coloured paper so that it is slightly narrower and longer than the card. This will become your dog’s ears!

 Marking out shape of the ears

3. Fold the coloured paper in half lengthways, crease it and then open it out again. Lay the strip down on the card so that it reaches about two thirds of the way down and overhangs the top. Sketch out the shape of one long, floppy ear and then continue the line in the middle to about 4cm beyond the top of the card.

Finished ears with joining bar 

4. Re-fold the strip of paper and then carefully cut around the shape of the ear and up to where the line stops (about 4cm above the top of the card). Do not continue cutting upwards (otherwise you will separate the two ears from each other) instead cut back towards the crease. Unfold to reveal two identical ears joined by a strip of paper at the top.

5. Holding the ears so that they reach about two thirds of the way down the card, fold them over the top and down the other side.

 Attaching the tongue to the ears

6. Open the card so you can work on the reverse. Cut a thin strip of red paper that reaches from the bar you’ve just created between the ears all the way to the bottom of the card and beyond by a few centimetres. Use sticky tape to attach the tongue to the ears.

Red tongue threaded through the card 

7. Turning the card back round to work on the front, cut a slit just below the ears and thread the red tongue through.

Creating the dog's body 

8. Use coloured paper or pens to create the dog’s body underneath the tongue.

Finished dog's face with black nose 

9. Cut some coloured paper to the shape of the dog’s face and stick it underneath the ears but over the tongue. Make sure not to put glue too close to tongue – it needs to be able to pull through the slit you made.

10. Add a large black nose with pen.

 Finished Highway dog with ears lifted up

11. Use coloured paper or pens to create a highwayman mask and then add your dog’s eyes.

12. Finally, use a strip of sticky tape to attach the front of the card to the back -  you shouldn't need to get to the ears/tongue mechanism again!


When the ears are flopped down you should only see a hint of the mask but pull the tongue downwards and the ears lift to reveal your surprise!