Go on a nature scavenger hunt

Two children in long grass looking with a magnifying glass

It’s great to get outside at this time of year but it can be all too easy to miss some of the fantastic natural details. So next time you’re heading to the park or for a walk in nature, why not make yourself and your family a scavenger hunt?

  1. Make each person a tick sheet of the things that they need to find (see our ideas below). You could do this by hand or print it from a computer.

  2. Head off on your walk making sure to have packed a pencil and your tick sheet.

  3. The most important thing will be to keep your eyes open, hunting high and low for the items on your list.

  4. Can you find everything on your list? Perhaps you’ll need to go again to find more? Maybe you’d also like to draw or take a photo of each item you spot so you can look at it again in more detail?


Ideas for your scavenger hunt

It’s up to you how many of these you add to your list. You should also think about how tricky you want to make it, especially if any younger children are joining in the fun!

 Fly Butterfly
Sun Wild berries
Bird Flowers
Pinecone Bee
Pine needles Slug or snail
Spider's web Feather
Green plant Ant
Caterpillar Mushroom
Worm Stick
Rock or stone Spider
Orange or brown leaf Woodlouse
Something red Something orange
Something yellow Something green
Something blue Something black
Something white Something pink
Something spiky Something spongy
Something smooth Something rough


Identifying the trees that you see

You may also want to print and use this fantastic Tree ID from the Woodland Trust:

Leaf identification guide