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Do you sometimes need a bit of inspiration (or distraction!) while the children are at home for the school holidays? This is a collection of some of the best book-related online resources we’ve discovered. Our little gift to fellow parents and carers!

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Dynamic drawing

Draw Daisy with Nick Sharratt

A step-by-step guide to drawing Daisy. Can you do the same?

Can you draw hyenas?

Let David Roberts, illustrator of The Bolds, walk you through it.

A Horrid Henry How-to

Tony Ross shows you how it’s done.

Wonderful Willy Wonka

Watch Quentin Blake at work and see if you can follow along.

Brilliant books

The wonderful world of Mango & Bambang

We’re huge fans of this stylish series and love hearing from the author and illustrator. Can you have a go at drawing this tremendous tapir too?

See inside a book factory

OK, so it’s not a children’s book and we don’t really like the music but it’s fascinating to see all the steps that go into producing a finished book.

Awesome activities

Create a love bug bookmark!

We were thrilled to find this lovely little craft project on YouTube. Who wouldn’t like a love bug book mark to enjoy on Valentine’s Day and beyond?

Design your own campervan

Here's a little activity we designed ourselves, inspired by the fantastic book Spangles McNasty and the Fish of Gold.

Enter the weird world of Mr Gum!

Explore games, videos and articles all about one of our all-time favourite book characters. Don’t miss out on learning more about the author and illustrator too!

Words for Life

The National Literacy Trust’s website for parents boasts activity ideas, competitions, author interviews and more. We particularly like the DFC Comic Library and the Where’s Wally activity pack.

Make an origami superfrog

Download step-by-step instructions here. You’ll also find dinosaur, ancient Greece and invention-themed activity leaflets to enjoy.

Perfectly Penguin

Find your favourite characters from Penguin Books and enjoy games, videos, activities and more. We particularly love all the Roald Dahl articles – will you take the quiz to find out if you’re his biggest fan?

That’s not my…activity sheet!

Head to Usborne for heaps of downloadable activity and colouring sheets. Dare you get out the glitter for the That’s not my unicorn… colouring page?

Holiday Poems from Michael Rosen

Enjoy listening to this master storyteller. We dare you not to finish with a smile on your face!

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